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We show the following Match Results from completed QuadCo Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 at 8:54pm PDT). Note that this list IS suject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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501279/23/2021LCYSAU10RecAlexander/Security State Bank vs The Rogue...0-0
500029/23/2021LCYSAU12RecWilson & Wilson Dentristy vs Zippity Do Do...2-8
499569/23/2021SWSAOpenBeach Bums vs Formerly in Shape AllstarsCaution3-3
501209/22/2021LCYSAU10RecJustice's General Store vs Toledo Girls0-1
501189/22/2021LCYSAU10RecStrodemier/Fourtner Fisheries vs Centralia...3-0
500389/22/2021LCYSAU12RecRogerson Electric vs Ash & Roberts - Kavit...3-4
499529/22/2021SWSA40+Olympia Physical Therapy vs Nacho FC1-0
499539/22/2021SWSA40+DNR vs Shot in the Dark8-4
499519/22/2021SWSA40+Rival FC vs OPT2-5
498919/21/2021Ballyhoo FC45+Rogues vs Road Warriors1-2
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