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We show the following Match Results from completed QuadCo Referee Assignments that meet the criteria you have set (as of Saturday, October 16th, 2021 at 2:30pm PDT). Note that this list IS suject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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5119910/16/2021HYSCU09RecCarter vs Helland2-3
5120010/16/2021HYSCU10RecMimm vs Grizzlies0-5
5006510/16/2021LCYSAU12RecWinlock vs Water Doctor - Cobras2-6
5005010/16/2021LCYSAU12RecMahalo Hair vs Toledo4-1
5078210/16/2021LCYSAU14RecCeYSC Lincoln Creek Lumber vs CBSC Black E...2-6
5075510/16/2021MYSCU14RecMYSC Bulldogs vs SBYSC Wildcats1-3
5075610/16/2021SMYSCU13RecSMYSC Eagles vs TSC Crazy Cats5-3
5076310/16/2021TCYSAU10RecPSC Raptors vs TSC Miller3-0
5078710/16/2021TCYSAU10RecCBSC Wild Raptors vs RYSC BU104-0
5075310/16/2021TCYSAU11RecCBSC Thunder vs OUSC Vipers1-0
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