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We show the following Matches scheduled as of Tuesday, December 5th, 2023 at 11:33pm PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Matches are received by QuadCo from requesting Organizations.

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6050512/5/20236:30 pmRAC #1Team 5 vs Road WarriorsRef:Accept
6050612/5/20238:05 pmRAC #1Marauders vs Kenny's KrewRef:Accept
6065112/5/20236:00 pmBlack Hills HS #1 - TurfSlugs n Thugs vs Old JoesRef:Accept
6065212/5/20237:40 pmBlack Hills HS #1 - TurfOld Growth vs RemixersRef:Accept
6065312/6/20237:30 pmBlack Hills HS #1 - TurfTeam Godzilla vs Barce-lonersRef:Accept
6065412/7/20236:00 pmRAC #1One More Shot Plz vs Angry NarwhalsRef:Accept
6065512/7/20237:40 pmRAC #1Average Joes vs Thundering EggplantsRef:Accept
6065612/7/20236:00 pmTenino HSPirates vs Ball BustersRef:Accept
6065712/7/20237:40 pmTenino HSBeach Bums vs Jello ShotsRef:Accept
6065812/8/20236:00 pmTimberline HSFain?ant Fc vs DNRRef:Accept
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